About Us


So you want to know more about us hey? Awesome! Well, here at Day Dweller, we're only a small team but one thing we're not lacking is passion. We OOOOOZE creativity; and that combined with our major devotion to art, music, tattoo's and a deep founded desire for a stress-free life (whatever that is!) is pretty much what makes the foundation of our brand. 

If you ever wondered where the name came from, it came from Lew, the Founder of Day Dweller.

Lew throughout his life has been involved in endless creative projects and applications, including basic Art Education (where he was told what he was and wasn't allowed to draw!), previous brand Headfunk'd Apparel and even a Bachelors Degree in Drama & Performance. But, as we all know, sometimes life gets in the way and Creative dreams aren't always lumped on your lap, and there's a fair amount of graft involved before getting to that longed for 'stress-free life'. Having worked as a pizza delivery driver, sales person, facilities manager - Lew felt that life can't all be about working 9-5, getting on the rums on a Friday (even though that's always welcomed!) and repeating. It was time to get out of the slump and tiredness of daily mundanity. Time to stop waiting for the dream of working in a creative capacity & doing something passionate and impactful to be lumped on his lap. Time to make proper use of this Day Dweller.

And Here We Are. 

Established in Bedford (England) in 2017, we're still going strong, developing new products and social connections where we can and getting by day by day.

We continue to strive to create high quality products, with awesome, original design, that are sourced as sustainably as we possibly can.